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Dataduct Networks is a value-add reseller that leverages proven vendors products and open technologies to provide single shared infrastructure that is designed to provide “Data” as the 5th utility to smart communities, cities and buildings under a common platform. 

Product Overview

Turnkey Solution


Integrated PODs that include wireless, optical and commodity multitenant networking technologies. Outside Plant Engineering and Project Delivery.

Intelligent Operations


Intelligent System with limited

human  operations. System is built for autonomous management leveraing SDN, NFV and AI.

Mobile-App First


Designed from the ground up to be managed and operated via mobile devices to have simple and Intuitive operations interactions.

More Insights

Pay as you Grow

No upfront licenses , software is paid by % of transactions processed. Hardware is bought as part of deployment thus being extremely competitive on RFPs. 


Hardware is provided as a variety of different POD products that are used based on the infrastructure’s architecture in 3 or 4 flavors maximum. 

Managed Services

Offer managed services and safety net operation services as needed to the DSP operational partners to help them transition operational paradigms.


Software is automatically managed, updated and pushed from a single source image across all systems by using standard protocols and advanced continuous delivery mechanisms.

Premium & Commodity

Leverages the best between premium equipment and commodity technologies to provide the optimal price points without sacrificing value.



Additional Information

A single shared infrastructure that is designed to provide “Data” as the 5th utility to smart communities, cities and buildings. Which is designed to allow different Infrastructure, Network and Data Utility Provider Entities to work seamlessly together.

  • The Access PODs are capable of GPON , Ethernet or Wireless Connectivity based on the flavor to serve local community.
  • The CO PODs are designed with Hardware acceleration (FPGA , i.e. Intel Vista Creek) and provide a programable fabric for proper security and multi tenancy.
  • The Data Center PODs are at the heart of a localized infrastructure and designed to offer IT services alongside with the connectivity.

The purpose of Dataduct Networks is to promote the emergence of as many DSPs as possible and facilitate the Relationship between the Network Service Provider and the Digital Service Provider while leveraging and monetizing the underlying passive Infrastructure efficiently

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The model involves a pay as you grow turnkey model that ties to hardware infrastructure enabling deployments to grow by simply buying and adding autonomous PODs and home gateway to the regions to serve additional customers. 


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